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As they hiked through the forested undergrowth of Yellowstone National Park, Kootie and Koobert carried the souvenirs of their adventure on their back, and just about everywhere else. Their most obvious new possession was the thick coating of mottled black and gray ashes that made them difficult to see in the underbrush. Even if you couldn’t see them, you would still know they were around, however, because of the other souvenir they had gotten from a friendly skunk; an aroma that had diminished only a little with the passage of time. (more…)


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Kootie and Koobert’s adventures in Yellowstone National Park had become somewhat less eventful since they encountered a friendly skunk. Sure, the scenery was breathtaking, but so was the odor that seemed to stick to the intrepid pair like glue. (more…)

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Nightfall found Kootie and her younger brother Koobert bouncing down the side of a long slope at the end of another adventurous flight. They giggled and rolled through mountain ferns and mosses, until they came at last to rest in a narrow ravine. There they slept under sparkling mountain stars that seemed to dance and sing a joyous concert for their Creator. The night air was cool and crisp, and brought a refreshment that can be found in very few other ways. (more…)

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One fine day, Kootie and Koobert were sailing across the afternoon sky at Yellowstone National Park, and urgently looking for a nice soft place to land. Not that flying was their preferred mode of travel, or even that they had intended to be flying in this area, but it was just another part of the adventure they were having. (more…)

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One day, Koobert, and his big sister Kootie found themselves exploring one of the most majestic recreation areas in the United States – Yellowstone National Park. Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, they were surrounded by breathtaking views of high vistas, shimmering pools, deep and rugged canyons, and other signs of God’s splendor.

“Look at this big thing!” cried Koobert excitedly, “have you ever seen anything so big in your life?” (more…)

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This very old story of Kootie and Koobert’s adventures is one of Koobert’s favorites, and he retells it at the least provocation. Kootie rolls her eyes, and finds something else to do. I should note that although this version of the story has been accepted, I think some of the particulars are still disputed.

It seems that late one night Kootie and Koobert were enjoying a midnight swim in a pleasant pool they found. (more…)

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I would like to introduce you to two of my most cherished friends, Kootie and Koobert.  I love them both dearly, and it delights me to share some of their amazing adventures with you.


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