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Rank and File

I have to tell you that this sort of story is really my favorite kind of Kootie and Koobert adventure. It’s simple, yet to hear them tell it, I get such vivid pictures of the event, it makes me wish I could have been along for the ride.

It seems that one fine morning not too long ago, Koobert and his big sister Kootie were having a pleasant hop along a wide, smooth path, and wondering what delights they would find for exploring, when they spied a crowd a long way off. (more…)


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A young boy recently asked me a question that, I have to confess had never even really occurred to me to wonder about. “Since Kootie and Koobert only have one leg, how do they, you know, go to the bathroom?”

Pardon me while I let that sink in for a minute. (more…)

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Just For Christine

Kootie and Koobert were out late one night not so long ago, and quite happily amusing themselves with a cash register that some thoughtful clerk had left on after the little store had closed. Though it was dark outside, and also in the store, the blue-ish light from the electronic display provided exciting illumination to the buttons, and the two adventurers hopped from one button to the next in a joyful dance of number patterns and little beeping sounds. (more…)

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