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I just saw Koobert on television. Perhaps you saw him too?

To say it all started a few days ago is a really gross oversimplification, but that’s actually a specialty of mine. Koobert was hanging out at a landfill in Oklahoma, keeping company with several old plastic bags of my discarded household goods, when several enormous dump trucks arrived. (more…)


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Moving is a beautiful and awful experience. Of course, it is easier to see the beauty of it when it is all over. At least, I hope that’s when the beauty of it becomes evident, and I’m optimistic that will be something I experience in the near future, as soon as I finally finish unpacking.

It was last weekend, while I was belatedly unpacking the hall closet stuff, I made a very happy discovery indeed. Kootie was in the box, looking a little disheveled, but resting comfortably in a cozy nest of wadded up table linens and newsprint-wrapped candlesticks.


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