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One day, Kootie and her little brother Koobert were hopping down a spacious city street on a beautiful sunny day in Atlanta, Georgia. The air was warm and moist, the sounds and smells dominated by rushing automobile traffic. Our fine adventurers deftly hopped and dodged largely unnoticed among the bustling ankles and swinging purses of the busy sidewalk.

“Whew. It sure is hot out here Koobie,” observed Kootie, mopping her brow and ducking under a briefcase.

“Let’s cool off in here,” Koobert replied, pushing boldly through a nearby frosted glass door. It is precisely this sort of carefully planned and cautiously executed action that precipitates Kootie and Koobert’s best adventures. Koobert’s surprised yell faded immediately as though he had fallen into a deep well, and the glass door swung noiselessly shut behind him. (more…)


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