In the Land of Skee

So while Kootie and Koobert are out gallivanting across America seeking each other, I thought I would relate an older story of their exploits.

I could tell it was going to be a truly grand day out. Kootie was wearing her favorite summer beret with sparkly sequins, and Koobert was armed with eight shiny quarters; clearly, they were headed to the arcade, and the high score on the “Dance-Mania” game was in serious jeopardy. Continue Reading »

Toastmaster Koobert

I just saw Koobert on television. Perhaps you saw him too?

To say it all started a few days ago is a really gross oversimplification, but that’s actually a specialty of mine. Koobert was hanging out at a landfill in Oklahoma, keeping company with several old plastic bags of my discarded household goods, when several enormous dump trucks arrived. Continue Reading »

Finally Unpacking

Moving is a beautiful and awful experience. Of course, it is easier to see the beauty of it when it is all over. At least, I hope that’s when the beauty of it becomes evident, and I’m optimistic that will be something I experience in the near future, as soon as I finally finish unpacking.

It was last weekend, while I was belatedly unpacking the hall closet stuff, I made a very happy discovery indeed. Kootie was in the box, looking a little disheveled, but resting comfortably in a cozy nest of wadded up table linens and newsprint-wrapped candlesticks.

Continue Reading »

Rank and File

I have to tell you that this sort of story is really my favorite kind of Kootie and Koobert adventure. It’s simple, yet to hear them tell it, I get such vivid pictures of the event, it makes me wish I could have been along for the ride.

It seems that one fine morning not too long ago, Koobert and his big sister Kootie were having a pleasant hop along a wide, smooth path, and wondering what delights they would find for exploring, when they spied a crowd a long way off. Continue Reading »

One-Legged Wonders

A young boy recently asked me a question that, I have to confess had never even really occurred to me to wonder about. “Since Kootie and Koobert only have one leg, how do they, you know, go to the bathroom?”

Pardon me while I let that sink in for a minute. Continue Reading »

Just For Christine

Kootie and Koobert were out late one night not so long ago, and quite happily amusing themselves with a cash register that some thoughtful clerk had left on after the little store had closed. Though it was dark outside, and also in the store, the blue-ish light from the electronic display provided exciting illumination to the buttons, and the two adventurers hopped from one button to the next in a joyful dance of number patterns and little beeping sounds. Continue Reading »

One fine spring day Kootie and Koobert were having a terrific time exploring near the town of Beaver, a famous rural outpost in the narrow western panhandle of Oklahoma. The air was pleasantly warm, and no hint of lingering winter snow remained on even the tallest peaks emerging majestically from the grassy plain. It was a perfect day for mountain climbing, Continue Reading »

One day, Kootie and her little brother Koobert were hopping down a spacious city street on a beautiful sunny day in Atlanta, Georgia. The air was warm and moist, the sounds and smells dominated by rushing automobile traffic. Our fine adventurers deftly hopped and dodged largely unnoticed among the bustling ankles and swinging purses of the busy sidewalk.

“Whew. It sure is hot out here Koobie,” observed Kootie, mopping her brow and ducking under a briefcase.

“Let’s cool off in here,” Koobert replied, pushing boldly through a nearby frosted glass door. It is precisely this sort of carefully planned and cautiously executed action that precipitates Kootie and Koobert’s best adventures. Koobert’s surprised yell faded immediately as though he had fallen into a deep well, and the glass door swung noiselessly shut behind him. Continue Reading »

Here’s the rest of the story: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

As they hiked through the forested undergrowth of Yellowstone National Park, Kootie and Koobert carried the souvenirs of their adventure on their back, and just about everywhere else. Their most obvious new possession was the thick coating of mottled black and gray ashes that made them difficult to see in the underbrush. Even if you couldn’t see them, you would still know they were around, however, because of the other souvenir they had gotten from a friendly skunk; an aroma that had diminished only a little with the passage of time. Continue Reading »

Click to read part 1, part 2, or part 3.

Kootie and Koobert’s adventures in Yellowstone National Park had become somewhat less eventful since they encountered a friendly skunk. Sure, the scenery was breathtaking, but so was the odor that seemed to stick to the intrepid pair like glue. Continue Reading »